The Will of Hannah Bushrod Washington, Bushfield Westmoreland Circut Court

Below is the Last Will and Testament of Hannah Bushrod, wife of John Augustine Washington, brother of George Washington (from private papers of LABH).  Hannah lived on the Bushfield Plantation where West and Venus (mother of West) were slaves. Mentions of West Ford and Venus and Jenny (Venus' mother) and Billey (Jenny's husband) are mentioned in bold. 

Below in it's entirety:

In the name of God amen I Hannah Washington of Bushfield in the parish of Cople and County of Westmoreland being Sound in mind though weak in body and health make this my last will and Testament, I am very Conscious of my great inability in drawing up any instrument of writing yet as none except my dearest friends will be at all Concerned about it. I trust that they will make every allowance for the defects which they may meet with here, – . I shall try to explain my desire which I hope will be Sufficient. The cruel Custom of hurrying a poor Creature into a Coffin as soon as the managers of the business (who are Generally indeed people quite indifferent about the deceased or the most ignorant) suppose them dead. The friends at that awfull moment quit the room and leave their dear friend to the discretion of these creatures, who tired of setting up and confinement have them hurried into the Coffin no physician in the world Can possibly tell whether or not a person is dead until putrifaction takes place and many have most assuredly been hurried away before they were dead, as I ever had a most horrid idea of such usage I most earnestly intreat my friends to act with me in the following manner; That when it is thought I am dead that I remain in my bed quite undisturbed in every respect my face to be uncovered not even the thinest thing to be laid over it also I do request that not one thing shall be attempted about working or dressing me, no laying out as it is called I beg; I therefore most earnestly pray that I may be allowed to remain in my bed, Just as I did whilst living until putrifaction by every known sign justifies my being put into the coffin, it is my will to be laid by my ever dear husband – It is my will and desire that after all my Just and lawfull debts are paid which indeed are few, that my estate shall be disposed of in the following manner; in the first place I give and bequeath to my dearest and most tenderly beloved son Bushrod Washington all my stock horses Cattle, sheep hogs and horses except what may here after be disposed of all the cows and the Eight hogsheads of tobacco now on the plantation at least three are here and five at Nomony warehouse, all the plantation utensils Cart and tumbrel, the furniture of the large dining parlour, The China press and its contents excepted, The bedstead bed bolster and pillows which stands in the Green room, The green room bed and window Curtains belonging to it, one simple bed bedstead bolster and One pillow, one pair of small sheets and one pillow case hemstitched tops made for it, one pair small lollies Curtains, belonging to it, and one pair small blankets and one small Guilt one english and two M&O Coverleads the M&O not fringed one pair fine sheets with two seems in them, one pair pillow Cases, one pair ditto with one seem, one pair pillow cases, sheets, two pair Rose blankets which was imported from Blane one pair best single, one large new damask Table cloth, one large diaper to Cover to tables, Three diaper for one table, one white bedstead, one white Rushia tick full of very fine new feathers, one large and elagant [sic] punch bowl, which is in the China press this bowl belonged to my father before my memory, so that my beloved son will no doubt value it much my two Green Settees, the english carpet bought by me two years ago in Alexandria, also the Green bed Carpet, belonging to the Green Curtains, the following furniture in the house belonging to Mrs Hannah Washington of Selby four small Gilt oval looking Glasses, two with mahogany frames fourteen mahogany chairs four mahogany card tables a large mahogany dining table which she was so good as to lend me during my life one sopha a small a small [sic] round table and a desk and bookcase. I give and bequeath to my dearest and Greatly beloved Grandaughter Anne Ayelett Robinson the whole of my drawing room furniture the chairs Sopha, screen, Ornamental mantle piece china, that handsome set of breakfast China imported from London, the tea table belonging to it, the brass fender and Andirons the white window curtains, Sopha cover & chair covers trimed [sic] with netting of my own work, the twelve calico chair covers trimed with green ribbon The calico sopha cover, with a deep handsome fringe this cover was imported with the sopha, the tea & coffee urns, the tea board belonging to the above china, the china press which stands in the large dining parlor with every article it contain. Except the largest china bowl it is very richly enamel'd with gold and Colours – and a blue and white China bowl, both of which I give to my dearest and only son Bushrod Washington, I also give my dear Granddaughter Anne Ayelett Robinson all my Japan ware the two looking Glasses and prints hanging in the drawing room my imported wilton carpet – the five beds bolsters and pillows not already disposed of four bedsteads one pr Rose blankets one pr new bought of Mr Hutt one pair belonging to the small bed, three single – large blankets one pair smaller, The chintz curtains which I riped to make up new and the white lining with it, one pair calico belonging to the small bed, one pair checked Virginia ditto, which I always used, one pr white M&O and one India chintz coverlead bought in Alexandria, one quilt lined with dark blue striped cotton – one ditto lined with a lining of many sorts of Country cloth and not new, yet quite good. One M&O coverled fringed – belonging to the curtains of the came cloth, one old M&O, 2 belonging to the checked Virginia curtains, one new damask and one old table cloth, three diaper, one large diaper, two cotton fine and new, sixteen bind eye diaper napkins, nine old damask twelve imported diaper which I got here at the division of my husbands estate, and should have divided all the above napkins but have been told that my dear son had a great number in his house, I also give my Grandtaughter [sic] Anne Aylett Robinson my large washing coper and my small princess metal preserver which I keep for preserving fruit, all my Toyletts and the tables to them, my large black walnut cabinet, I also give my Grandaughter the large trunk which now stands in my present chamber with all it contains, coffee, sugars, candles &c., the mattress belonging to the white curtains bed.
In the next place I give and bequeath to my ever darling Grandson Richard Henry Lee Washington all my silver plate of every discription that is to say thirteen large silver spoons, twelve desert & twelve tea spoons one pr sugar tongs, one soopladle, one rim to stand on the middle of the table, four salts with salt spoons to them, one punch ladle one new elegant stand & I daily expect some plate which was sent for to the Federal City to cost thirty pounds being a legacy from my worthy brother in law General Washington, This plate I include, should it not be brought. The thirty pounds will be paid my dear daughter in law in trust for her son Richard Henry Lee Washington to be laid out by my daughter in law Hannah Washington in such plate as it will purchase for my Grandson Richard Henry Lee Washington, I also give him Fifty six pounds all in gold pieces, this money to be put to Interest until he marrys or arrives at the age of twenty one years, a negro woman Called Judy who is a very good Cook, my daughter in law Hannah Washington is by me left at liberty to sell the said Judy if she thinks it most for her sons advantage and put the money received for her to interest as I above observed that she was a very good cook her age I suppose to be about forty & a very healthy hearty woman she also spins, washes and irons extremely well, also a new bed quilt lined with country white cotton bound round with green silk ferret and the middle piece of the quilt is a shawl this quilt is laid in my lowest large cabinet drawer where is also the plate and gold which I have bequeathed my dearest Grandson Richard Henry Lee Washington, should this my grandson die before he arrives to the age of twenty one years, I then desire all I have given him to be the property of my truly beloved (now an Infant) Grandson Corbin Washington of Selby in case of my grandson Corbin Washington's death underage his brothers John Augustin [sic] and Bushrod Corbin Washington to have it. I give to my dearest daughter in law Hannah Washington all my spun and unspun cotton, my english chamber carpet, claret colour, ground, bought by me in Richmond town – also my flower pots 9 in number purchased by me of merchant Neale at Nomony ferry, should my daughter in law Hannah Washington after having her choice prefer my to her own and harness &c., she is to take it, hers must be sold towards paying any debt my estate may give, my carriage being so completely repaired, that it is said to be so much stronger than it ever was. I direct to my dearest daughter in law Anne Washington, a mourning ring to cost two pounds current money of Virginia and one half of my little library – the other half to Anny Aylett Robinson, I give my two sorrel carriage horses and the young sorrel five years old which was intended also for the carriage to my dear daughter in law Hannah Washington, to my dearest son Bushrod Washington I give every other horse and colt, which are in my estate except my little riding horse Gift that with my blue plush saddle and bridle I give my dear good friend Mrs Mary Harrington wife to doctor Timothy Harrington, the eighteen green passage and dining room chairs, I divide equally between my dearest son Bushrod Washington & my dear grandaughter Anne Aylett Robinson –
I give my son Bushrod the mattress belonging to the green moreen bed – I give my daughter in law Hannah Washington my black walnut physic cupboard, I give my dear Granddaughter Anne Aylett Robinson my large black walnut cabinet which stands in my summer chamber, I give my mahogany dressing table and the small cabinet which stands on it with a looking glass door to my dearest grandaughter Jane Mildred Washington, I give my beloved Mary Lee Washington my handsome chamber talbe and the dressing glass with three small drawers which stands on it. My dear husband left me in his will the following slaves to dispose of as I chose at my death provided I gave them to our own Children the slaves are as follows – Billey (who is dead since) his wife Jenney their daughter Venus who has brought a daughter since called Betty, these three slaves I give my beloved Grandson Richard Henry Lee Washington a lad Called West, son of Venus who was born before my husbands will was made and not therein mentioned, I offered to buy him of my dear sons Bushrod and Corbin Washington. But they generously refused to sell him but presented the boy to me as a Gift it is my most earnest wish and desire this lad West may be as soon as possible inoculated for the small pox after which to be bound to a good tradesman until the age of twenty one years after which he is to be free the rest of his life – If Anne Aylett Robinson has no gold watch I give her mine with all the different Cases and trinkets of every description chains &c should she have a gold watch in that case I give mine with every thing belonging to it to my dear Jane Mildred Washington, I give my dear granddaughter Anne Aylett Washington the miniature of my ever darling Mildred Lee, my other trinkets I desire may be equally divided between my two grandaughters Jane Mildred & Mary Lee Washington, I also give to my three grandaughters Viz – Anne Aylett Robinson, Jane Mildred and Mary Lee Washington, all my wearing apparel of every sort to be entirely and equally divided among the three some of my most indifferent things my daughters in law Hannah Washington and Grandaughter Anne Aylett Robinson may at their own discretion, give Letty, Jenney, Turk & Venus, Tho. the two last mentioned treated me with great disrespect in my last hours. Every thing which I have not mentioned here must equally be divided between, my small black walnut rum case I long since gave my dear Richard Henry Lee Washington and here confirm should I owe any thing at my death, the debts must be discharged by selling that part of my property which I have not here disposed of also a mourning ring of five pounds value currency of Virginia to my beloved grandson Bushrod Washington son of William A. Washington and my dear daughter Jenny – my hand is so very well known that I trust this my last will and Testament needs no Vouchers –
Hannah Washington
I constitute my darling son Bushrod Washington and William Robinson the _____ who married my dear granddaughter, Anne Aylett Washington my Executors –