George Washington and Venus

West Ford and Priscella Bell
William Ford* (branch begins below) Daniel Jane Julia

*WILLIAM FORD and Henrietta Bruce
JOHN FORD (detail)



GEORGE W. FORD (detail)

son of WILLIAM, son of WEST

George W. Ford Jr. and Harriet Blythewood
George W. Jr.(detail) - Lena, George W, III, Harriet

Cecil Bruce Ford (detail) - Elise Ford Allen, Florence Ford, Bruce Ford, Harrison Ford

James I. - (no issue)

Donald - (died at age 2)

Harriet - (no issue)

Vera - Vera Leonine, Ruth Elise

Elise - Carol

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son of George W. Ford, son of William Ford, son of West Ford

Cecil Bruce Ford m. Florence Harrison
Florence - (nine children)(detail)

Elise Ford (detail) - 11 children

Harrison Ford (detail)

Cecil "Bruce" Ford (deceased)(detail) - 5 children

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daughter of Cecil Bruce Ford, son of George W. Ford, son of William Ford, son of West Ford

ELISE FORD and James O. Allen - 11 children

Carol Allen and Melvin Adams
Tanya, Kameroun - 1 son, Christian - mother Tina Robertson

James Allen, Jr. m. Carolyn Hughes
Monica, Michelle (mother Nicky Dent)

Tanya Adams and Lionel Nelson
Tania, Talyn, Lionel,III

Gregory Allen and Betty Phillips

Jeanette - two sons Ka'Lien Thomas/ father Anthony Thomas; and Khalil Flagg/ father Keary Flagg Jr.
Gregory Jr.- three daughters: Makada/mother Saline;Jalise and Angelique - mother Vanessa

Carmen Allen and Lamond Murray
Lamond Jr., Ashley

Linda Allen and Russell Bryant
Ian, Julian -/father Jerome Wells (deceased), Russell Bryant III - /mother Maria

Julian Wells - Bria

Joy Allen and Kennard Stone
Kennard Stone, III

Janet Allen and Joseph Moore
Joseph Moore, II

Norman Allen and Cynthia Young
Angel, Elise, Tremaine/mother Sherry Anderson

Angela Allen
Sterling Talia/father Greg Peppers

Barbara Allen and Michael Foster
Michael Foster, II

Timothy Allen and Patty Gonzales
Timothy, Alexandria

Matthew (deceased)

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son of Cecil Bruce Ford, son of George Ford, son of William Ford, son of West Ford

HARRISON FORD m. Joyce Post (deceased)
Terry - Stacy, Kristie

Wayne - Wayne Jr., Ashley, Kevin

Alison - Gary, Christopher

Cheryl Ford - two children

Karen - Nielson, Crystal

Craig - Sean

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son of Cecil Bruce Ford, son of George W. Ford, son of William Ford, son of West Ford
BRUCE FORD (deceased) m. Delores Finley
Bruce Jr., (deceased), Glenn, Ann, Candy Lynn, Cyd

Glenn -no children

Lois Ann?? - Alexander, Nicholas

Candy Lynn - Kiana, Tanisha, Phillip

Cyd- no children

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daughter of Cecil Bruce Ford, son of George W. Ford, son of William Ford, son of West Ford
FLORENCE FORD m. Charles Pickett (deceased)
Cecil, Mike, Boyd, Patricia, Larry, Beverly, David, Karen, and Debbie

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son of George W. Ford Jr., son of William Ford, son of West Ford

GEORGE W. FORD II m. Lula Bowers
George W. III, Lena, Harriett

George W. Ford III m. Geneva - No children

Lena Ford m. James Edward Craig - Sandra Jean ( two children: Gerald, Jacqiline) James Edward Jr. ( three children: Tarina, Timothy, Terrance\ has one son ) Wendell Lovella Gregory (wife Ruby have two sons) Judith Ann Jackie Debra Bonnie Mae Cynthia Lynn (two children) Cheryl Maria

Harriett Ford m. William Bennett

George W. Jr. m. wife Dorothy ( have four children: Michael Kevin, Antonette Marie, Terrance)

Arletta Marie ( has one daugther Micha and granddaugher Chelsea)

Kennett Brian and wife Joyce ( have two sons: Lawrence and Michael)

Harriette Constance and husband Jesse Strong (have four children: Julius, Jesse, Shirley, Octavia, Jasarae)

Martha Louise (has two children: Marsha and Michael)

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JOHN B. FORD m. Charlotte Willis
Daniel, John, George,
Catherine (detail) , Charlotte, Elizabeth, Mildred, Celie, Polly, Henrietta

George Ford m. Irene Collins
Regina, Geraldine, Margarite, Patrick Henry, Charles Linberg, Rudolph Valentino, Joe Louis, John Dillinger, Mary Jane, Patricia, Ernestine, Leroy, Gladys

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Next Generations

Second, Third, and Fourth Generations

Rudolph Ford, Erick Ford, Rodney Gerome Ford, Bryant Dumore, Shavaeta Moore, Charles Ford, Darryl Fordeven Ford, Micheal Ford, John D. Ford, Geraldine E. Ford, Gladys Ford Alexander, Regina Ford Hill, Joe Louis Ford, Felicia Ruffin, Deborah Ford Hemingway, Kevin Ford, Mary Jane Ford, Barbara Garner, Terence Garner, Gloria Williams Hudson, Patricia Ford Clarke, Audrey Clark, Ruth Shirley Burke, Steven Mark Glarke, Louise Clarke, Ernestine Ford, Anthony Ford, Leroy Ford, Margaret Ford Cooke (deceased), Henry P. Ford (deceased), Reginald Ford.

Elizabeth Ford Alsop Ester, Henrietta, Elizabeth, Wilford, Naomi, Charlotte, Frederick

Second, Third, and Fourth Generations:

Lydia Elizabeth Latney, Samuel Lee Latney, Gordon Lamont, Santina Latney, Rupert Allen Latney, Dominique Alsop, Arthur Ray Latney, Charlotte Alsop Lee, Peggy A. Brown, Marie Alsop, Andrea Alsop, Chanae, Alsop, Ester Alsop Wickliffe, Pat Wickliffe, Tony Wickliffe, Henrietta Alsop, Rev. Wilford Alsop, Jimmy Alsop, Andre and Judy Alsop, Helen Alsop, Chiara Alsop, Carl Alsop, Fredrick Douglas Alsop, Frederick Dougals Alsop, Jr.

daughter of John B. Ford, son of William Ford, son of West Ford

CATHERINE FORD m. George Saunders
James, Bruce

James Saunders m. Edna - James, Alfred

Bruce Saunders m. Marie E. King - Judith (detail below), Ruby, Bruce Jr., Joseph, Kay

Judith Saunders m. Kenneth Burton - Robert, Danielle

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Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Generations:

Joseph Saunders, Kay Holland, Norma Holland, Norwood Holland, Gregory Holland, Ian Holland, Sierra Holland, Bruce Saunders, Jr., Roland Reid, Bryan Reid, Tanya and Tammy Reid, Jarmar Saunders, Clarke Saunders, Ruby Constance Saunders, Yusef Saunders, Kawanza Saunders.

Charlotte Ford Dorthy Bottler (deceased), Alvin Bottler (deceased), Alvin Bottler, Glen Bottler Henrietta Ford Helena Ford Slater John W. Ford

Second, Third, and Fourth Generations:
John Walter Ford, Jr., John W. Ford III, Kevin Ford, Shae Ford, Tierra Ford, William D. Ford, D. J. Ford, Mark L. Ford, Wes Ford, Mildred F. Brown, Charles Ford, Mary C. Ross, David Ford Ross, Cathleen Ross (deceased), David Ross Jr., Donald Ross, Jr., Darius Ross, Devin Ross, Kitrina Ross, Aaron Ross, Marquerite Ann Ross-Malloy, Maurice Antony Ross, Marissa Ann Malloy, Mary C. Ross-Gray, Raymond Charles Gray, Desmond C. Gray, Clarence Edward Ford, Lillette Ford (deceased), Charles Bolden III, Carlos Thomas. Polly Ford

Second, Third and Fourth Generations:
Roy Myers, Roy Myers, Jr., Marcella Gross Shannon McCoy, Michelle Rae, Harry Myers (deceased), Harriette Cowan, Phyllis Anderson, Evelyn Myers (deceased), Sheila Alteere, Sam and Samantha
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