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Documented Mentions A substantial body of documented mentions over time substantiates West Ford's place in history.
About Gum Springs - the free Black community founded by West Ford

DNA and the Case for the Paternity of West Ford essay clickbook by Linda Allen Bryant.

About George Washington
Slavery and Miscegenation essay clickbook by Linda Allen Bryant. Recent Media Coverage

Other Internet Links

Articles by Robert Jackson for the Rocky Mountain News:

"West Ford Was in the House" by Wendy Robinson for the Multicultural Activist

New York Times A 1999 article by Nicholas Wade.

PBS Documentary: George and Venus A PBS mini-documentary with the descendants of West Ford

Gum Springs Historical Society - Gum Springs is the free Black community founded by West Ford. Ford opened the land bequeathed him by the Washingtons to newly freed slaves after Emancipation and turned it into the enduring legacy of Gum Springs, Virginia.

George Washington and slavery - Mount Vernon document concerning slavery on the historical estate once owned by George Washington. Billy Lee, the Black slave who served as George Washington's valet, is acknowledged in this web page originating from Mount Vernon's web address. Lee helped rear young West Ford, who came to live at Mount Vernon following Washington's death.

Free African Americans of the post-colonial South are featured in this web site, which lists entries from free registries of the era and gives a glimpse into the pride and struggle of African-American freedom.

West Ford's grandson, George William Ford, served his country with honor as one of the nation's Buffalo soldiers. Click the link to learn more about the first African-Americans in the United States armed services.

For more information about West Ford Click here

Stand tall and stand proud....the legacy of West Ford

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