Foundation Information

             Mission Statement:

The mission of the West Ford Legacy Foundation is to bring awareness to the contributions of West Ford at the Mount Vernon Estate and his impact in founding the area now known as Gum Springs, located in Virginia. The Foundation will promote a national narrative on the lineage between West Ford and the family of the first president George Washington. As an educational site, the foundation will also present a broad spectrum of accomplishments from the Ford family members, genealogy, and the historical significance of their heritage.

The Foundation will help support research and education pertaining to the genealogy of families who may have ancestors in the Gum Springs and Alexandria areas. Other avenues to be explored are funding for monuments, plaques, and for slavery related research and racial justice initiatives. The purpose is to build meaningful partnerships which can move communities toward reconciling and lift the histories of the former enslaved and other African Americans for their contributions to Gum Springs, Alexandria, and other surrounding communities.

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